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Omar And His Pancakes

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I am writing the post below about a sweet little boy turned young man and about the Valentine’s day pancakes he made his sweetheart. The story about the sweet little boy is from my recollections and what I’ve thought about over the years and some of it might not be quite right. Forgive. Here we go. When Alex was a cute little boy in first grade at Roosevelt Elementary School he made a new friend named Omar. Omar was the new kid in the class. He was from India. I adored Omar. He was beautiful and compelling and necessarily very independent and he was just a lovely, sweet little guy. Omar lived with his father Mansour in a nice house that was easy walking distance from school. The inside of the living room was...

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Winter Pot Roast

Wednesday, 05 March 2014

(from my brother Eric who got it from Cook’s) I made this a day ahead and refrigerated it and it was perfectly outstandingly delicious. The best wintery meaty pot roast ever. My brother Eric is my go-to guy for meat recipes. He’s amazing and always has an answer and a perfect recipe. He also gave me the Pork and Beans, Garlic and Greens, recipe (See, Batch-33 from April, 1 2013). I was having a meat-eating crowd on a week night so I needed to do the cooking in advance. This recipe is particularly good made the day ahead and refrigerated. The meat is easier to slice, and the flavors blended nicely after a day in the fridge. POST ROAST WITH ROOT VEGETABLES Ingredients: 4 pound boneless beef chuck-eye...

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Almond Milk

Monday, 03 March 2014

Our dear friend and informally adopted family member Issa Lopez, wonderful, lovely, whip-smart, funny, excellent story-teller, caring, beautiful person and movie maker extraordinaire (of Casi Devas fame – a must see movie) has been staying with us while she casts her most recent movie before going down to Mexico to shoot it. We have been having a very nice time with her. She is a perfect house-guest – I mean if you can call an informally adopted person a ‘guest.’ Just to say that we enjoy having her around. Easy, engaging, and always interesting. We have had a couple of cooking adventures. My favorite has been the almond milk adventure. The most simple of things. Delicious. Really delicious and far superior to the...

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Valentine’s Day – Red Is For Beets

Friday, 28 February 2014

Where to begin. Where to begin. A lot has happened this month - February (which stunningly is almost over) - and lots of good gastronomy happening. The first fabulous food event was on Valentine’s Day. A love and romance event with food of course as the party was hosted by my dear friend Victoria and her man Joel. The party was at Joel’s awesome beach house in Santa Monica. Victoria and Joel throw a good party and their friends are interesting, warm and lively. We were told to bring a song, a poem, or a joke. Very sweet. I brought none of those things. Kept my mouth shut. Shame on me. We had drinks and hor d’oeuvres (aka ‘snacks’) and then dinner on the deck. It was a perfectly warm February 14th night. Unseasonably so....

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Poached Cod In Tomato Broth

Sunday, 26 January 2014

We got a gift this month – our dear friend Issa Lopez – smart, fun, extremely funny, best story teller, biggest heart, screen writer and filmmaker – came to stay for a bit. Issa is working on a movie she wrote that will be filmed in Mexico and she is casting it from here in L.A. Since she has sublet her apartment in Santa Monica we get her! At least until she goes back to Mexico for filming. Issa is an easy easy houseguest. She requires nothing. She is fun to be around. She is comfortable here and doesn’t tip toe around but is really a part of the house. It’s wonderful having her. Hi Issa! Last week I was sorting my recipes and I came across this one for Cod that I have been looking at for quite some time. We decided to...

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Buttermilk Pancakes Plain And Simple And My Nephews!

Monday, 20 January 2014

January 11th is my Dad’s birthday – every year. Always. This January 11th was super special because it was my Dad’s 85th birthday and it also happened to be a Saturday. A big-number birthday on a Saturday – woo eee! - calls for a party. So that’s what they did - they made a party. The first most fabulous part of the birthday party weekend was, for me, when my nephew Zac texted me to say that he was coming down from San Rafael where he lives (although he goes to school in Boulder, CO), for the birthday party and that he was bringing his brother Eli (who hasn’t been to L.A. in maybe a million years and who is also my nephew!) and his father who is my brother Phil. That text made me super happy. I just absolutely...

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Peanut Butter Brownies

Friday, 17 January 2014

I think a brownie is chocolate. I don’t think it’s peanut butter. Weird. But whatever. I made these for my husband because he loves loves loves peanut butter and especially Reese’s peanut butter cups. These were a huge hit and not just with the husband but everyone who ate one loved them. And then I confessed that I had thrown about half of them out because I thought they were sub-standard and people stood there in shock and disbelief when I said that and then suggested that I retrieve them from the kitchen garbage. Which I definitely did not do. Anyway, just make them and don’t throw them out. People love these. Peanut Butter Brownies (from Ingredients for the brownie...

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Post-Christmas Cookies, No. 2 – Pecan Shorties

Thursday, 16 January 2014

This is the second of the new to my repertoire cookie recipes. The first, posted last week brown butter, brown sugar, shorties and now this one, traditional Pecan Sandies. I forgot to mention that the three cookies that I’m writing about aren’t the only cookies that I made. But they are the only cookies worth making again. I did a big flop on two batches of ‘Blondies.’ Why? I still have no idea. Can’t figure it out. One of these days I’ll try again to tackle that challenge but right now I’m still smarting from my failures. Abysmal failures I might add! One of the things that I like about these Sandies is that there are dozens and dozens of them that come from one batch. They’re sweet, delectable, little, bite-sized...

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Post-Christmas Cookies

Saturday, 04 January 2014

When I was young, my mom would every now and then make a batch of sugar cookie dough and we would get to make cut-out cookies. The dough was delicious both raw and plain baked. The baked, frosted cookies were scrumptious. And what a mess. Little bowls filled with frosting made of powdered sugar and milk and food coloring. Then we would decorate the brightly colored morsels with chocolate and colored sprinkles of every color; “jimmies,” stars, flat circles, silver balls; chocolate chips; raisins; cinnamon candies (those little round red ones), etc.. My mother’s cookie cutter collection grew from year to year and we always looked forward to seeing the new cookie cutters as well as the good old stand-bys. Many, many,...

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For A Prosperous Year Filled With Luck!

Thursday, 02 January 2014

My last Post was about the Southern States’ New Years Day tradition of Hoppin John, Greens, and Corn bread. The black-eyed peas in the Hoppin’ John represent the coins. The green color of the green represents the color of dollar bills and the corn bread represents ‘gold’ – they’re the same color. I had never made greens before and for some dumb reason felt intimidated by them. And I had never really liked eating them before. They always seem mushy and slimy so truth be told I’ve been greens-averse until December 31, 2013 when I went out shopping at the local grocery (which happens to be Whole Foods) and I saw a beautiful display of collard greens and I just thought – ‘what the heck.’ I took the leap. And...

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