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Mexico Inspiration

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Alan and I spent the month of October in Mexico. We have been many times but never for such an extended period and it seems that the more time we spend in Mexico the more we appreciate the Country and the warmth and openness of the people. Alan’s first stop was in the Mexican Central Highland city of Queretaro where he was a Global Volunteer teaching English to College students for two weeks. He worked with over 300 students with his mission to speak English with them (and of course he also took every opportunity appropriate to work on his Spanish). My first stop was Oaxaca City and nearby Villages, where I wandered the aisles of the Mercados of 20 de Noviembre, Ocotlan, and Tlacolula, looking for inspiration and cooking and...

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New Years Day And Jared’s Birthday

Wednesday, 01 January 2014

Over the last years we have tried to have a New Year’s Day Open House combined with a celebration of Jared’s birthday. Some years it works. Some years it doesn’t. This year it didn’t look like it was going to work but then it did. The traditional New Year’s Day good luck food is ‘Hoppin’ John’ (aka black-eyed peas) and is a Southern States tradition. Served with Collard greens and corn bread. I think it was Cindy Ripley (of Luna Garcia) who told me that where she comes from (Texas) the cabbage (Collards) represents the ‘bills’ as in dollar bills and the peas represent the coins. I’ll take it. You gotta have both. So… on Sunday I sent out Paperless Post Invites and the party was on. It was a sweet,...

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My Brother’s Beans aka The Best ‘Pork And Beans’ Ever

Friday, 29 March 2013

It’s no secret that I’m a bean freak (I soak ‘em) so when my brother and I were talking on the phone a couple of weeks ago and he told me about a ‘pork and beans’ recipe that he was making I was willing to listen – mostly to be polite. Honestly, ‘pork and beans,’ are not my thing. First of all I’m a vegetarian (mostly). Second of all, and my mind started jumping about, ‘pork and beans’??? Doesn’t that come in a can? Why would you want to make beefy and brown ketchup saucy ‘pork and beans’– a homemade version of the canned stuff. As we know, ‘assumptions’ are dangerous and this one was no exception. My brother started talking about the beans with great enthusiasm. His voice elevated and...

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We Made It To The Top

Monday, 03 December 2012

Alan and I visited with Irene Webb, literary agent extraordinate, and her beau Michael in New Mexico in the Spring – April 2012 actually. Irene moved to Santa Fe from Santa Monica about 5 years ago after the kids went off to college – one great, gutsy, successful adventure and I hadn’t been to visit yet – shame on me…. It was an interesting trip and I was inspired. I was inspired by the vast, great beauty of the mountains, sky, quality of the light, faces of people, arroyos, vistas, art, jewelry, food, everything. It was wonderful….. But I didn’t come right home and start cooking. It took some time for it all to percolate – I looked at a few books, read some recipes, did some internet research, read about chiles....

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On Cinco de Mayo I Made Mexican Food – of Course

Saturday, 05 May 2012

Pork Chile Verde with luscious, beautiful tomatillos; Tortilla Soup (both vegetarian and meat-eaters with chicken); Salad; Frijoles; Chips and Guacamole and Guacachile; and Mexican-Chocolate Flourless Cake served with Orange Granite (from the oranges on our tree). It was really May 6th but in honor of May 5th which apparently is of little significance in most part of Mexico but is significant in America. The holiday is a celebration of Mexican pride in the U.S. and is apparently also celebrated in Puebla, Mexico.  Called El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (English: The Day of the Battle of Puebla) commemorating the Mexican army's victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio...

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