Baci Di Dama

Disa is in town from Denmark (Disa is the wife of famous brewmeister Niels Thomson of Denmark and she is my oldest friend – we met on the first day of Kindergarten). Check out Disa and Niel’s brewery online – it’s Their beer is excellent! Truly.)

Disa is in town putting together a program to bring 20 of her students to Santa Monica for five-weeks next January. The students will be studying at Santa Monica college in a program designed for them. We’re looking for host families for the students if you know anyone. The students want to live with families who have children their age – between 17 and 19. In addition to the school program, Disa will have activities for them some mandatory and some elective. They will bus or ride bicycles to school (the Danes are used to bicycle riding – it’s very much part of their culture). It’s a very exciting opportunity for the students and for the host families as well. Let me know.

So…Disa and her Principal Enja are in town and they came for dinner last night which was a huge treat for us. When Disa comes for dinner I don’t plan a menu. I just buy vegetables and sometimes a protein although that’s not really necessary, and set her in my kitchen and off she goes. She is the most amazing cook I have ever known. It was getting a little bit late so I thought I’d get started. My contribution was a roasted cauliflower soup (Vegan) and some Baci di Dama cookies which I have been wanting to make forever.

I actually had the ground hazelnuts that Disa brought to me last time she was in town so the preparation time easy as I didn’t have to peel and roast the nuts. These cookies are delicious. As was the entire meal made primarily by my dear dear friend.

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