Helene’s Chocolate Brownies And Khai’s Send-Off

I really like reading David Lebovitz’s blog. Someone set it up so that it automatically pops up in my email. I think Sele Nadel-Hayes did that for me. Various people help me in various ways with my computer. Sele is one of my helpers. Issa is another. Alex is another. Jared is another. Etc.

I also like David Lebovitz’s app ‘Living the Sweet Life in Paris’ – especially when I’m in Paris. The app is about pastry shops, sweet shops, etc. from David Lebovitz’s view. I like his view. Lebovitz is a Chez Panisse trained chef living now in Paris – so he’s got the chops to know food and to talk about it. He’s charming. He’s witty. He knows his stuff. His blog has typos in it. I’m always happy reading about his adventures in Paris and elsewhere.

So when he posted about Helene’s brownies I got all excited. Something I could make with chocolate. I have a bunch of good chocolate dessert recipes but I’m always up for a good new recipe.

So….. when Alex’s friend Khai asked if we could have his going away party at our house – a BBQ – I naturally said ‘yes’ – I love those young folk and Khai has a big place in my heart and being part of his send-off felt perfect (he’s moving back to Denver and I’m excited for this next part of his life even though we’ll miss him). I also thought it would be an excellent time to make Helene’s brownies figuring that young folk would eat them even if they were less than perfect especially if they were – you know. . .hungry. And in fact, the brownies are perfect and the young folk are downstairs as I’m writing, eating them and I don’t think that they’re even hungry because they had a ton of BBQ. So I’m happy. And they all sounds happy. Hip hip hooray and three cheers to Khai!

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