Graduation Party!

Alex just graduated college – hallelujah!!! Our friends, and family gathered together, to celebrate him, a job well-done and his exciting future!

Here are photos of Alex climbing half-dome as a youngster and graduating college – 10 years later. So much has changed but his heart and soul remain as always. . ..

Tequila Lime Chicken (from Ina Garten)
Potato Salad with red wine vinegar dressing
Green salad with lemon vinaigrette
Corn on the Cob with butter and lemon
Loads of very cold watermelon
Chocolate Sheath cake (Alex’s all-time favorite)

The Tequila Lime Chicken is a family favorite and a real crowd-pleaser. The marinade is delicious, tangy, and with just the right amount of heat. I had this first at a friend’s house many years ago and I have now adopted it as my own.

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