Tomato Jam

Tomato jam? Weird right? I have heard about the stuff for years but even in the years when we have had a glut of tomatoes I have never ventured down the tomato jam road. Then, a few weeks ago my step-son Jared mentioned that he had tasted some delicious tomato jam in Montecito and that he loved it.

Sparked my curiosity and I thought I’d best get right on it. A little research led me to believe that Roma tomatoes would be the best – at least for my first endeavor. I grasped the basic spices used and off I went. My first batch was very flavorful but probably too much heat for most people.

My second batch did not have as much heat as the first but it was maybe a little too stiff (unlike fruit jams which are easy to read in the pan with respect to doneness – the tomato stuff is more mysterious – even with a lot of liquid in the pan the stuff seems to jell up).

I am currently having friends and family taste test for me. This is the recipe I am currently working off of and you can experiment and see what tastes good to you. Finally, it is difficult to give attribution to the recipe because I have read and combined so many.

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