New Years Day And Jared’s Birthday

Over the last years we have tried to have a New Year’s Day Open House combined with a celebration of Jared’s birthday. Some years it works. Some years it doesn’t. This year it didn’t look like it was going to work but then it did. The traditional New Year’s Day good luck food is ‘Hoppin’ John’ (aka black-eyed peas) and is a Southern States tradition. Served with Collard greens and corn bread. I think it was Cindy Ripley (of Luna Garcia) who told me that where she comes from (Texas) the cabbage (Collards) represents the ‘bills’ as in dollar bills and the peas represent the coins. I’ll take it. You gotta have both. So… on Sunday I sent out Paperless Post Invites and the party was on.

It was a sweet, lovely, wonderful crowd of our dearest friends (less those who I forgot to invite and I can think of who they are right now and I am SO SO SO embarrassed and sorry!) and I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed the food. Notably, two super special things happened at the party. First, Cindy Ripley (Luna Garcia) and Curtis Ripley (husband and wife) said that they really loved the Hoppin’ John and the Collards.

That was so awesome because Cindy is definitely without a doubt one of the best home cooks I know. She’s naturally talented and fearless in her cooking and sense of food taste and style. I have never in the 26- years that I have known Cindy eaten anything that she has cooked that hasn’t been extraordinary and delicious and that is true. The second super special thing that happened at the party was that Virginia Ripley Biondolilo (newly wed extraordinaire, poet, author, teacher, daughter of Luna Garcia, and most notably, wonderful, awesome, kind, loving, interesting, curious, beautiful inside and out, person in her absolute own right and one of my all time favorite people in the world) suggested that once a month she would come over, we would cook together AND WRITE THE BLOG TOGETHER which means that ONCE A MONTH we will have a literary blog! Now how cool is that?

I accepted and the offer and I can’t wait to implement. So for starters, here’s the recipe for Hoppin’ John both meat eaters and vegetarian.

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