Super Bowl Chili

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I apparently went on hiatus. Inadvertent hiatus I guess. In a way. I had a Thanksgiving posting prepared and then that slipped away. Then Christmas/Chanukah slipped away. Then New Year’s Day slipped away. Then Terry Hoffman’s dinner slipped away. Then Super Bowl slipped away. Now it’s Valentine’s day. No more slipping away. Hiatus is over. I’m back.

For the moment I will let the recipes from holidays and gatherings and kitchen experiments go by the wayside, and instead of backtracking four months I’ll start with Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday party started with an email from our friend Suzanne who said something along the lines of “if you’re having a Super Bowl party, we are inviting ourselves.” I thought I would ignore it because I had absolutely NO intention of having a Super Bowl party. I wasn’t going to watch it. I wasn’t going to cook for people watching it.

I had way too much on my plate between multiple extended family commitments, obligations, problems and extreme work drama and although I bear up well under multiple pressures, I honestly just couldn’t deal with one more thing. So Suzanne’s email sat there in my in-box day after day and she is a dear friend and it was just rude to ignore her, and I knew Alan would enjoy having people over, so I finally answered with a simple ‘ok’ figuring that my lack of enthusiasm would send her looking for another Super Bowl party or, if that didn’t happen, that Alan would order pizza and I would not be involved – at all – in any way. Not quite.

Suzanne was undeterred and kind of relentless. First she wanted to know how many people were coming (there wasn’t anyone coming because we weren’t having a party). I ignored this email. Then she wanted to know WHO was coming. Again, ignored. Then she wanted to know what she could bring. I was SO annoyed and I ignored that one too. This time I asked Alan to handle it. I have no idea what he said to Suzanne, but to me he said not to worry about anything so I didn’t.

But then it was upon us – the Super Bowl was just days away and now there were seven or eight people coming over…. Suzanne, husband, Gary, Barry, Mary (nice rhyming eh?) Joe – totaling seven or eight. How could I NOT cook and when I asked Alan he didn’t seem to have any idea other than he didn’t want to worry. But I did. I worried and I knew I would cook. But what? I wanted something that I could make in advance and that would be hearty, filling, delicious. Chili? Hmmm….. I had really good chili one time at Marmalade on Montana when I was a meat-eater. They used filet mignon. Oh. It was delicious. I wanted something like that. I started reading about chili.

I found all the recipes that included ingredients I wanted to cook with and then I did cut and past and I came up with something that I thought would work. And then I made it. I tasted it. It was really good. Add in a Wild Arugula salad and bowl of hot-house berries, lots of ice cream and thin cookies. Suzanne brought a cheese platter. Joe and Mary brought Buffalo wings and cornbread to eat with the chili.

A party was born.

Sadly, the night before Super Bowl Sunday, my Mother fell in her dining room and shattered her elbow and she was in the hospital that night with blood pouring out of her arm from where the bone went through the skin and Sunday – Super Bowl Sunday – was the surgery and so it turned out that even though I had twisted my mind to come around to the party and I did look forward to seeing friends (the game…. Well….. whatever) the Universe had something else in mind for me that day. At least I fed the friends and I got good feedback on the Chili and lots of sympathy for having to leave (it was really my mom who deserved the sympathy but I took it). . ..

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