As a kid, meatloaf was never my favorite dinner. I mean, it was fine, it just wasn’t my favorite. I did like watching my Mother make it and I remember so vividly her announcing that she was done putting it together and getting ready to put it in the oven and giving me and my brother a taste of the raw meat, mixed with raw egg. Nasty. It was NOT steak tartare but we loved it. Looking back, I wonder what she was thinking giving us raw meat and raw egg – things you wouldn’t dream of giving your children now. You can get sick from that stuff. But what did we know . . .. Probably the only one in the world (besides me) who remembers this happening is my older brother. It was kind of a highlight tasting that raw meatloaf mixed with raw eggs and salt and spices – maybe even a little dangerous. . ..

As a grown-up I never made meatloaf until last month when I decided it was time. I looked around the internet and through my cookbooks and I came up with a recipe from Bill Blass (yes the designer) from the New York Times. I tweaked it just a bit by adding carrots. A delicious delicious loaf of meat. Even though it’s not veg – I tried a bite and I have to say – it was delicious.

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