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When I was young, my mom would every now and then make a batch of sugar cookie dough and we would get to make cut-out cookies. The dough was delicious both raw and plain baked. The baked, frosted cookies were scrumptious. And what a mess. Little bowls filled with frosting made of powdered sugar and milk and food coloring. Then we would decorate the brightly colored morsels with chocolate and colored sprinkles of every color; “jimmies,” stars, flat circles, silver balls; chocolate chips; raisins; cinnamon candies (those little round red ones), etc..

My mother’s cookie cutter collection grew from year to year and we always looked forward to seeing the new cookie cutters as well as the good old stand-bys. Many, many, fond memories of those days of my childhood.

When I grew up and after Alex was born I started my own cookie cutter collection and every year I make cookie-cutter cookies starting in the early Fall around Halloween. We have loads of Halloween cookie cutters, ghosts, pumpkins, autumn leaves, a witch on a broom stick and more. Then we make them for Chanukah and then we make them for winter/Christmas. We also have some random cookie cutters such as a shoe, a boot, a dinosaur, lots of flowers, and loads more.

My cookie cutter collection doubled in size about a year ago when my mother started going through her belongings as she started thinking about her future and where she would live and downsizing. She gave me her cookie cutter collection. That was a bittersweet moment for me. But I feel lucky to have them – cookie cutters…a very weird thing to treasure for sure!

Any time any of you want to bake cut-out cookies give a holler and I will very gladly pull out my cookie cutters and my mom’s cookie cutters and we’ll get going. That would be nice.

Around Christmas each year I go on a cookie baking marathon. I bake cut-out cookies by the batch, and any variety of other tasty and interesting cookies – all to be given away as gifts. When Alex was young, he and his friends would help bake and decorate. Sometimes even as young adults they would enjoy participating.

Every year when my niece Rebecca comes for a visit she and I will bake. I’ve also baked with the neighborhood kids and Annie Mandel, my other niece Jane and my faux niece Rachel. It’s always a good time and it marks the holidays.

This year the holidays were upon us before I knew it and I didn’t do any baking at all. Not even one batch. So when our New Years party rolled around I was missing it in a major way and I embarked on a new cookie journey that this year did not include cut-out cookies but did include three new recipes that are now part of my permanent repertoire:

Brown butter brown sugar shorties from (adapted from Gourmet magazine), traditional pecan sandies, and peanut butter brownies (also that I made because my husband Alan LOVES peanut butter.

So here we go, first things first:

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