B’July Fireworks

When you’re a parent you remember lots of cute, endearing things that your children did and said when they were little. Ask any one of us. We could bore you to tears. I have to work hard to NOT talk about those things in front of my son – I know I could drive him mad with stories and remembrances about his innocent humor and wit. Fourth of July takes me back to when Alex did not like fireworks. Fourth of July was known (and will forever in my mind be known) as “B’July fireworks.” Something he definitely did not like and wanted nothing to do with. He did not want to see them or hear them under any circumstances . . .. But don’t you love it? B’July? B’July fireworks? Obviously things changed and we had lots of fun over the years and we had many memorable 4th of Julys and we also have a funny 4th of July story or two don’t we Alex? But B’July fireworks remains with me at this time of year always.

This morning we’re going to the annual Santa Monica 4th of July parade down Main Street. Mary and Pablo De La Rosa are in the parade! This evening Alan and I are going to a friend’s home in the hills where we have been going for years now. It’s a nice BBQ and I am taking cupcakes and barbecued tofu as my contribution to the evening’s fare.

This is how you make our crowd pleaser marinated barbecued tofu:

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  1. both the grilled tofu & the cupcakes were DELICIOUS!!

    Comment by Suzanne on July 8, 2012 at 11:26 am

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