For A Prosperous Year Filled With Luck!

My last Post was about the Southern States’ New Years Day tradition of Hoppin John, Greens, and Corn bread. The black-eyed peas in the Hoppin’ John represent the coins. The green color of the green represents the color of dollar bills and the corn bread represents ‘gold’ – they’re the same color. I had never made greens before and for some dumb reason felt intimidated by them.

And I had never really liked eating them before.

They always seem mushy and slimy so truth be told I’ve been greens-averse until December 31, 2013 when I went out shopping at the local grocery (which happens to be Whole Foods) and I saw a beautiful display of collard greens and I just thought – ‘what the heck.’ I took the leap. And there I was the very next day with the same 2 pounds of collards that I had purchased the day before.

Only that morning, just 24-hours later, I just wasn’t feeling it. Burdened by the greens. And then I remembered two of my New Year’s resolutions. . . Keep it happy. Positive attitude. And I hunkered on down and got those greens washed and cut and off I went to cook them.

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