Roasted Carrots with Currant Relish

‘Tis the Season but somehow it doesn’t have the normal pizzazz it usually has. The Promenade was kind of low-key. The stores weren’t crowded. The bookstore had some folks in it but it wasn’t crazy. Main Street and Abbot Kinney were a little pokey. Not overwhelmed with parties. It’s just a weird year. Perhaps something to do with the election and fear and sadness and anxiety and fatigue? Just not festive.

Notwithstanding, we have had a nice pre-holiday period. Although it’s not usual to make a new friend at our advancing ages, we somehow did. Marianne Kooimans and her husband Steven Woods and amazing daughter Oona Woods. The family of the wonderful shop on Main Street (previously on Abbot Kinney) called Koko. Marianne designs the fabrics and clothes and shoes that are made in Cambodia with gorgeous silks and such. It’s always uplifting to wander in that shop. Anyway, the family Koko moved to Portugal earlier this year and Marianne was en route to her new home following a work trip to Cambodia and she stayed with us. She’s great to have around and fun to talk to, smart, and funny and so stylish! We were so happy to have her here and of course she became my food taster for the past week or so and she introduced us to a wonderful Lebanese restaurant on Westwood Blvd, called Sunnin.

These carrots got high marks from both Marianne and Alan and I thought you might enjoy them!

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