Cabbage and Potato Gratin

My friend Theresa is a really good cook. She’s ‘by the book’ and has an eye for a good recipe. I can be somewhat haphazard in my cooking. For instance, if I am missing an ingredient that I consider ‘optional,’ I might just go ahead and make the recipe anyway or replace the missing ingredient with something that I think might be similar. I am pretty sure that sometimes what I think is ‘optional’ is not.

Theresa would likely consider this behavior heresy and I’m sure she would be right – she’s usually right about stuff. Theresa would not skip or replace an ingredient. Theresa would go to the store and procure the missing ingredient and of course her meal would turn out better than mine. Perhaps. Maybe. Probably. Of course Theresa would deny this and remind me that it is not a competition and again, she would be right. ☺

Theresa taught me how to the use New York Times food app and I’m hooked. I love it. It’s all linked up with my computer and as my brother Eric (who has given me my most favorite recipes) says, the NYT website is ‘very searchable’ or something along those lines….I can bop between the computer and my phone – very handy – and I can almost always find what I am looking for.

So… This recipe is from Theresa. It’s a NYT recipe and it’s delicious. Hats off to Theresa and Martha Rose Shulman

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