Green Couscous

It’s early June but feels like August. That’s good and not good. Good because we can go to the beach already and the water is warm enough for a swim. Good because all of the summer fruits are in full swing and they’re delicious this year including watermelon, corn, peaches, early apricots, early tomatoes, plums, nectarines, sugar snap peas, zucchini, summer squash, chiles, eggplants.

We’re cooking and eating all the summer things. Good because school is out and the traffic is lighter. Good because days are long and seem to linger. Good because it’s time to go barefoot without a sweater. Good because the Hollywood Bowl is super nice on a balmy summer night. Good because it’s baseball season which makes me think about my Dad – this is the Dodger’s first season without him. It’s bad (feeling like August in early June) because it means the world is heating up and all the horrors from Global Warming are really happening. That’s a big bad.

Back to food. Summer food. We have been doing a lot of grilling. Lots of fish and corn. A dear friend of mine – Julia Gandelsman – suggested that I try making Green Couscous from Ottolenghi’s Plenty as a side dish for a dinner party I had. I made it.

It’s really good.

A bit more labor intensive than I would usually like and kind of curiously quite good for the effort. I recommend it as a perfect summer side. It’s green. It’s very herby. It’s got a kick from a jalapeno. Vegetarians love it. It makes the table look pretty and colorful.

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