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No Comments Chilaquiles (An amalgamation of recipes from the internet and a couple of Mexican cook books) Today is May 5th – Cinco de mayo and as noted in my May 5th 2012 post, a holiday of relative insignificance in Mexico (except in... Read MoreMonday, 05 May 2014 - Posted by
Comment (1) End of Season Anaheims (Call Me A Whimp) My plants this summer were beautiful, bountiful. Chiles galore. Anaheims and jalapenos. We made Guacachile all summer long and put it on everything… (See, my March 15, 2012 Post). The jalapenos I canned (Escabeche – see, August 3, 2012 Post).... Read MoreThursday, 11 October 2012 - Posted by