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No Comments Roasted Carrot Salad I was visiting at the home of my neighbor Nancy Paris the day of the Academy Awards –I was there for the daily puppy play party that takes place on the Paris patio. Nancy was making a very beautiful platter... Read MoreThursday, 22 March 2018 - Posted by
No Comments Warm French Lentils I have these old old friends from way back when. David and Beth. They are wonderful, warm, lovely people. I was in their wedding. It’s true. My first foray into wedding life. Since I started out as David’s friend I... Read MoreMonday, 14 April 2014 - Posted by
No Comments Virginia’s Wedding Shower Sunday, July 21st, today was the day. And it was lovely. The bride to be was beaming and laughing. Her Mama was too. What could be better? All the girlfriends were here. The food was delicious (made by Marmalade –... Read MoreThursday, 25 July 2013 - Posted by
No Comments Gingin’s Pre-Wedding Girlfriend Party With a Lovely Beet Salad I haven’t written about Virginia Ripley yet. Our beloved Gingin. Family but not by blood. By love and affinity. We absolutely could not live without her in our lives. I met Virginia when Alex was a month or so old.... Read MoreThursday, 18 July 2013 - Posted by
No Comments Thank You Ed! – Spicy Moroccan Carrot Salad I’ve been on a vegetable dish experimentation binge for the past couple of weeks. I’ve made some good ones, some not so good ones – no bad ones. My family members and friends have been my tasters. One of the... Read MoreSaturday, 22 June 2013 - Posted by
No Comments Family BBQ My big brother Eric is in town from Portland, Oregon – with his wife Annie and two of his three children. Also, my other brother-from-another-mother (my brother’s BFF), Danny is in town from Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his daughter. The... Read MoreWednesday, 08 August 2012 - Posted by
No Comments Mother’s Day Brunch Pt 2 – Spiced Moroccan Carrots Another Mother’s Day favorite is the carrots that Pat Wolfe brings. Every year she adds another pound of carrots and every year there’s nothing left at the end of the afternoon. People talk to me about these carrots all year.... Read MoreSunday, 13 May 2012 - Posted by