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No Comments Summer Pasta With Zucchini, Ricotta and Basil I was reading my daily email from the NYT food department and there it was. The perfect confluence – the junction of two rivers – Zucchini and Ricotta. We are starting summer off with what undoubtedly will be too many... Read MoreTuesday, 04 July 2017 - Posted by
No Comments Zucchini And Ricotta Cakes With Lemon I think I’m there. I’ve reached the pinnacle. I have found the ultimate perfect zucchini recipe. Maybe. I could eat these delicious little cakes all day long. For the first time ever I’m wanting there to be even more zucchini... Read MoreSunday, 15 June 2014 - Posted by
No Comments Lemon-Zucchini Soup I am still working through all of the zucchini in my garden. They ripen before I turn around and there are still so many it’s overwhelming. But fun and challenging. Today zucchini soup. Tomorrow zucchini double-chocolate brownies. I think. I... Read MoreThursday, 05 June 2014 - Posted by
No Comments Zucchinis Abound I think Zucchini is a great thing and it’s so easy to grow and when it does there is so much around but I’m always struggling to figure out what to do with it. One of my all time favorite... Read MoreTuesday, 25 June 2013 - Posted by