More More More Tomatoes…This Time Soup


I’ve been exploring recipes for tomato soup. It’s become a mini-obsession. I haven’t been making tons of recipes or anything – just reading them – and there are so many. And there are so many tomatoes. The recipe I made tonight – or finished tonight – is a roasted Italian tomato soup. I started it yesterday morning. I combined a few roasted tomato soup recipes that I read. In the middle of the recipe I realized that I was out of vegetable stock so I had to take last evening to whip some up. Good to have around in the freezer anyway. Tonight I finished the soup and served it with mini grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. It felt like a winter meal – I guess because we used to eat Campbell’s tomato soup with grilled cheese in winter when I was young. This was kind of better but still it was comfort food for sure. It turned out to be a blustery summer night – over cast and windy. So it felt right. This is how I made it.




3 pounds Italian tomatoes

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic (unpeeled)

a splash of milk, cream, half and half, almond milk, soy milk, etc.

a pinch of salt


Cut tomatoes in half and seeds removed. Slice the onion. Leave the cloves of garlic whole with skin on. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Put the tomatoes cut side down on the paper. Spread onions and garlic around. Drizzle a little oil all over it and roast at 375° for 30 minutes or more or less depending on when they get done. Cool. Take the skins off of the tomatoes. Put everything in the food processor and process until mostly smooth. Return to the pot. Add two (2) cups of the homemade vegetable stock and a tilt of milk, cream, half and half, almond milk, soy milk, whatever you desire; a small pinch of salt. Voila. Tomato soup!

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