Chocolate Cookies….

Chocolate Cookie…And gluten free at that. (by Jesti – whoever that is – from

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This cookie was billed as “Divine gluten free chocolate cookies. No seriously.” I have to be honest with my readers… I think that is an exaggeration. They’re good – really but they’re not “something unreal.” But then ‘really good’ and gluten-free as a combo with chocolate – very chocolate – might elevate them to ‘close to divine’ – I don’t know…. You can decide for yourself. But I do feel that I can in all good conscience recommend this recipe for the gluten-free crowd (and/or Passover right?) because these are really good cookies.

I’ve had requests for more desserts and I know I need more chocolate in my recipe repertoire and I have only one gluten-free dessert, so I thought I’d try these out. They were featured on the website this week (I love the 5-things I need to know each week). Instead of sending you there, I’m going to replay the recipe right here on my very own blog. Simple, straight-forward, chocolate, quick, gluten-free, really good. Alex and his friend Ryan helped make them. I think it was their good deed for the day. I thought it was great. Loved having them in the kitchen helping. I think you’ll like these – even if gluten-free is not your thing.

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