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Spicy Pork Stew

Alan and I spent the month of October in Mexico. We have been many times but never for such an extended period and it seems that the more time we spend in Mexico the more

Mango Mango Mango Chutney….

We have a big dispute in my family about how to say this word. Alan who speaks Spanish claims that he says it correctly (“mon-go”). But who says it’s a Spanish word anyway. After all

And Then There Were The Rellenos

So, like I said, we were in Oregon, at Susy’s and Barry’s place on the Rogue River and they have this fabulous garden and I mean that – it’s truly fabulous and abundant and absolutely full of

Jalapeno Escabeche

I was flipping through my new Vegetarian Times magazine ( July/August 2012 edition, and I found a recipe for Jalapeno Escabeche, submitted by Karen Solomon

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes!

In anticipation of a bumper crop of tomatoes this season I’ve started searching for tomato recipes and experimenting. Wouldn’t want the harvest to get ahead of me (so far I have 2 small

Theresa’s Oaxacan Guacachile

In March, Alan and I took a trip to Oaxaca to visit my Aunt Roberta. I had never been to Oaxaca before and Alan hadn’t been there since his hippie youth.   We planned to be there at the same